MSPT Fire-keepers Stop at the Casino

May 26, 2014

The fifth season of the Mid States Poker Tour (MSPT) got underway on May 14, 2014 with the $1,100 Main Event at the Fire-keeper’s Casino in Battlecreek, Michigan. Every MSPT series has seen an eventual rise in the number of players and the size of the prize pool generated during the events.

MSPT has emerged as a premier poker tournament as they have expanded their range of product offerings and have established a brand name within a short span of time. This tournament offers poker professionals in and around Michigan to test their mettle against traveling poker players from far off places.

Inaugural MSPT Fire-keepers title and final table results

The Inaugural MSPT series was held from March 8-10, 2013 when MSPT visited the Fire-keepers Casino for the first time. The total number of entrants who bought in for the events at casino was recorded at 272,which generated a prize pool of $272,000.

The event was won by a famous local poker pro Thomas Medina who had qualified for the event through a $250 qualifier.

The final table of the event saw players like Tim “Homer” Ebenhoeh who finished at the third spot with $24,922 and Patrick Steele from Chelsea who busted out in the fourth place with $18,364. Benjamin Krill with$15,740, Trevor Kirkland with $11,805 and Tom Hujda with $9,969 finished at the fifth, sixth and seventh spots respectively. Sai Muduluru with an earning of $8,920 busted out at the eighth spot while Adam Bacon left early at the ninth spot with $7,346.

The final table of the main event was broadcast on a pokernews simulcast with a 15-minute delay. The broadcast turned out to be a huge success for the excellent coverage and commentary that garnered rave reviews from viewers and players alike.

The Fire-keepers Casino Hotel is a property in Michigan located on Highway 94 that runs between Chicago and Detroit. The casino offers live action seven days a week with craps and other table games available all around the clock. It also offers high stakes games like two-deck blackjack and Baccarat. It is well equipped with world class amenities and lodging facilities along with a host of quality bars and restaurants.

Second MSPT Fire-keepers title and Final table results

The Second MSPT Fire-keepers was held from August 17-25,2013 at the Fire-keepers Casino. The three day Main Event had a record 301 entrants who generated a prize pool of $301,000.

The final table at the event was graced by familiar presence of Adam Lamphere and Patrick Steele who were repeating the feat of reaching the final day’s play. But Jordan Townsend was the surprise package for the day as he upset all the plans of the predictable favorites like Lamphere and Steele.

The final table had Mark Schmid crashing out at the ninth spot with earnings of $7,262 followed by Tony Pena who took home $8,714 at the eighth spot. Gregg Wiggins earned a purse of $10,166 to exit at the seventh spot. Elliot Hebden with $11,619 and Steve Anderson with $14,524 finished at the sixth and fifth spots respectively. Patrick Steele repeated his feat in the first game and finished fourth once again to take home $18,880 with Jimmy Dennis exiting at the third spot with $27,885.

Adam Lamphere was the real casualty of the event as he experienced a back-to-back loss in two MSPT Fire-keepers Main Events after coming close to a winning finish. Jordan Townsend eventually took the MSPT Fire-keeper’s title to take home the first place prize of $76,975. Townsend was seen sporting a teenage mutant Ninja Turtles Shirt that gave him an edge over his competitors as he crushed Lamphere’s attempt at winning the title to claim the inaugural MSPT title himself.

The latest stopover for the Mid States PokerTour this summer was at the Fire-keepers Casino with the $1,100 buy-in event kicking off on May 16. The total number of entries received on Day 1 tallied to 411 after three starting flights. A record prize pool of $397,170 was generated on the first day followed by eliminations that reduced the playing field to 65 on Day 2.

The final table was dominated by the likes of John Michalak, Dustin Hargis, Nick Perkins, JC Chen and Mark Johnson. Mark Johnson finished third to take home $35,745 followed by Adam Deis who claimed the second spot with a purse of $58,583. Jason Zarlenga won the 2014 MSPT title to take home the first prize of $101,482. The two time second spot winner at the two back to back MSPT Fire-keepers tournaments finished at the seventeenth spot with Heather Schuchaskie who was the last woman in the field to exit at the sixteenth spot.