No More High Stack Cash Games from PartyPoker

July 20, 2012

PartyPoker recently got rid of all its high stack No Limit and Pot Limit games. Poker sites often get rid of specific tables or even tournaments, especially when they are planning on some maintenance or a system reboot. But the recent move by PartyPoker does not seem to be temporary.

PartyPoker’s recent decision

All Pot Limit and No Limit games that have minimum blinds of $10/$20 or more and Fixed Limit games of $50/$100 or more were removed from PartyPoker’s lobby, and looks like they won’t be coming back anytime soon.  

The customer service team from PartyPoker stated that the poker site has removed some games that have very high stakes in order to improve to poker ecology. The decision was made keeping the best interests’ of players in mind.

The poker company believes the change will only improve the action at table and this change is likely to remain for a while.

The poker community has expressed mixed reactions to the decision but it isn’t the first time such massive changes have been made to a poker site in order to maintain good health of the site. Previously, Ongame Network introduced Essence a system where players are given a points value based system that is hidden depending on who their money is won from and on their win rate. These points earned players loyalty points helping weak players to play longer.

Some opinions from the poker community

The poker community is quite sure this decision wasn’t just made overnight. The poker site probably has legitimate reasons backing this move, accompanied by statistics. The management team is also big and strong enough to introduce these high stake games at a later time.

Most poker players do not realize that in poker money flows upwards. Nano-stake players progress to micro-stakes and lose to low-stakes. These low stakes then lose to mid-stakes and the trend continues.

But cutting back on running massive games, the money extracted from the poker economy will be lesser, which is beneficial to everyone in this economy.

About PartyPoker

PartyPoker is a leading poker site featuring one of the biggest poker rooms in the industry. The player action at this site is tremendous no matter the time of day. The market efforts have resulted in increasing player traffic.

The player competition offered on the site is soft, so expect to play a loose game. Even though it may not be as tight as other poker rooms, the action makes playing at PartyPoker very exciting. The security offered by the site is great despite its large player volume. The site has never faced any financial or security breaches so far. The site is audited by ItechLabs and is also listed on the London Stock Exchange Market. All the security procedures and financial information is available for public inspection.

The site uses proprietary software, which means they do not belong to any network have software that is developed independently. It is because of this reason that they are entirely unique and safe.