Online Poker Company PokerStars, Reveals Re-launch Plans for Full Tilt Poker

September 26, 2012

PokerStars, one of top online poker giants, revealed on September 24th that it would soon re-launch Full Tilt Poker. Acquired recently by PokerStars, Full Tilt Poker is going to be newly launched again to all its online poker players, outside the United States of America.

PokerStars also gave the industry news regarding its repayment plan, wherein the company will pay back over $184 million to the former customers of Full Tilt Poker. The acquired poker company will be launched again some time in the first week of November, said the representatives of PokerStars.

PokerStars team has been working on the repayment plan since August 9th

The team of representatives from PokerStars revealed that the company has been working around the plan ever since the day they closed the deal with department of Justice of the United States of America, on August 9th. PokerStars was trying to figure out how the company would pay back almost $184 million to the customers of Full Tilt Poker, who were from outside the country.

Repayment processes vary in different jurisdictions

According to the deal with the Department of Justice, PokerStars is supposed to pay back the nonUSonline poker players, while the Department of Justice would pay back the US online poker players. PokerStars representatives have had various discussions with quite a few regulators in different jurisdiction all over the globe.

The discussions were made in order to ensure that the entire repayment process, which will be used, will follow the local regulatory requirements. Repayment processes usually vary in different jurisdictions depending on where the non US online poker player lives.

Locally licensed platform to be used to repay players

PokerStars plans to use a locally licensed platform of the company in order to repay the Full Tilt Poker players from Denmark, France, Belgium, Estonia and Spain. According to the payment plan, players will be allowed to ‘pair’ their Full Tilt Poker accounts with PokerStars accounts, in order to allow withdrawal or usage of their account balance. Players of Full Tilt Poker from Italy will have to wait for a longer time as PokerStars is still working on paying them back.

Other markets will give the players full access to accounts

The other non-United States markets will provide Full Tilt Poker players complete access to all their accounts, once the site will get re-launched by PokerStars in November. As the time of the re-launch quickly approaches, the PokerStars team is doing its best to provide excellent services to the non US  online poker player market.

Provided that everything goes well for PokerStars and the re-launch of Full Tilt Poker, online poker and gambling players will surely get their funds and other money back into their accounts as soon as the site re-launches. PokerStars is hoping for a smooth re-launch so that players will be able to enjoy the new site of Full Tilt Poker along with the entire game once more.