PKR’s Daily Dollar Rake Chase Offers WSOP Packages

May 2, 2012

Online poker in 3D can be highly entertaining. And when it is on a site like PKR, it gets even better. PKR poker announced the launch of a new promo called the Rake Chase, which could get you a ticket to the WSOP events in Vegas. As a part of this promotion, the 3D poker site is offering WSOP event packages worth $4,500 to the top players on the leader board. To qualify for this promo and win the package, you need spend the highest amount of rake on the site, before June 10, 2012. Sounds exciting, doesn’t it? Well, it is. So here are the details you should know to benefit from this WSOP promo from a truly 3D poker site.

Daily Dollar Rake Chase

The WSOP promo at PKR  is called the Daily Dollar Rake Chase. To qualify for the $4500 WSOP packages offered through this, you need to register with PKR poker. If you are already a member at the site, start playing cash games on the site and spend a minimum of $1 on at least 35 days from now to June 10. This will help you qualify for the promotion. If you are a new customer, you can use the bonus code when you register and spend at least $2 on 20 days before June 10.

But to beat the other players and get your hands on that WSOP package, you have to be the one with highest rake spent during the promotion. Should you win, you will get the package that includes –

1. Buy-in to event # 59

2. Travel and accommodation expenses

3. Access to special PKR events

As a part of the PKR WSOP experience, you will have a welcome reception on July 3, and will get to be a part of the Big Day Out at Lake Mead on July 4. The WSOP event #59 will be on July 5, and the qualifier party will be on July 6.

WSOP satellites by PKR

There is another way of winning the $4500 WSOP package from PKR, and that is through the satellites that the site offers. PKR poker is hosting WSOP satellites starting from as low as $1. You can start off with the entry level qualifiers and move your way up each level, or you can simply buy-in to the final qualifier and win to get the WSOP package.

Stage 1 - If you are an existing member of PKR, you can use 1200 of your player points to enter the first stage qualifier. Or you could simply buy-in with $2.64.

Quarterfinal - If you win in the first stage, you will move on to the quarterfinal. If you don’t, you can always buy-in to it for $11.70. Top players in the quarter final will move on to the next stage.

Semi final – You can enter the semi final by winning the quarter final or through a buy-in of $53.50.

Winners in the semifinal will automatically find place in the final satellite that takes place every week, at 7:15 pm GMT on Mondays. If you manage to win this event, the $4,500 WSOP Experience package from PKR will be yours.