Poker Home Games: Boardwalk

May 18, 2008

Here’s a new game I learned over a recent weekend. Actually, I learned it from one of our summer interns at work that kept playing at Full Tilt.

I call it “The Boardwalk”, although he called it “Sideways Pyramid”, which I don’t particularly care for, because as you’ll see, the design of the cards doesn’t truly represent a pyramid. It’s more of an Mayan temple…which makes me think of Apocalypto and people getting their hearts ripped out.
So….we’ll stick with “Boardwalk.”
The game is high-low, somewhat similar in principle to games like “Criss Cross.”
1) An ante is made
2) Every player is dealt two hole cards. You are allowed to look at them. Keep them hidden.
3.) Before any community cards are turned over, there is a round of betting.
4.) Nine cards are dealt out in the center of the table in three rows of three, one on top of the other. These cards are all dealt at the same time and turned face-up at the same time.
5.) Second round of betting
6.) For the turn, two cards (one on top of the other) are dealt to the right of the nine cards (that more or less form a square themselves).
7.) Third round of betting
8.) The River is dealt face-up to the right of the two turn cards.
9.) Final round of betting.
At this point, your table will look something like this, with the X’s representing face-up cards.
10.) Declare high or low (however you want, hidden coin, call out, etc…) and reveal
Things to note:
- BOTH hole cards in your hand must be used.
- You can “walk” any of the four possible “boards” in front of you (Get it? Yeah it sucks, but it’s still better than sideways pyramid.)
- You can walk a different board for your high and low hand, this is allowed.
Option 1 – You can take the top row of 3 cards, the top turn and river
Option 2 – You can take the middle row of 3 cards, the top turn and river
Option 3 – You can take the middle row of 3 cards, the bottom turn and river
Option 4 – You can take the bottom row of 3 cards, the bottom turn and river
Best 5-card poker hand wins.
So, like I said, a slight variation to criss-cross…I suppose you could play high only, or introduce baseball or other wild-card game rules into this just as easy, as well.