Poker Home Games: Double Up

January 11, 2009

Every once in a while I learn a game that, in my opinion, can be described as being a little “too easy.”

Not for me, per se, but in general.  Everyone plays with the same rules, so obviously it’s not easy in the sense that I’m awarded some type of advantage over the other players.  I think I mean “easy” in the sense that it’s too “easy” to put together a good hand.

Now, that’s not necessarily a bad thing.  Many wild-card games and game inventors pride themselves on said games being too easy.  And those who like playing in wild card games want them to be too easy, and want everyone to have a hand they’d consider going in and betting big on.

Why? Bigger pots, bigger payoff.

So, I can buy into that line of thinking.  But in this case, this isn’t a wild card game, so I sort of feel like the “easiness” of the hands is a little cheap.  I know that makes no sense.  There’s nothing cheaper than having two-pair turned into 4 aces because of a wild card, but that’s how I feel.

Nevertheless, I’ll go through the game because it’s something new and worth a mention.  There are a few rounds of betting, and your hand keeps changing as the community hand does, presenting a few strategic opportunities to hold back early, bet big later and clean up if you catch a few others with the right hands.

1.)    The game is based on Texas Hold ‘Em, mostly in the sense that everyone will have their hidden hand, and everyone has community cards, as well.

2.)    Everyone is dealt three cards, hidden.  You can look at your hand.

3.)    Round of betting.

4.)    THREE community cards are turned up. 

5.)    Second round of betting.

6.)    A fourth community card is turned up AND a fourth hidden card is dealt to each player.

7.)    Third round of betting.

8.)    A fifth and final community card is turned up AND a fifth and final hidden card is dealt to each player.

9.)    Final round of betting.

NOTE – You will use any combination of the 10 cards to make your best 5-card poker hand, and that’s what you’re betting on.

NOTE – No high-low, it’s high hand take all.

See, told you it was easy.  I played this a few times in a game recently, it came back up a few times on the deal rotation, but never became a regular throughout the night.  I think it’s one of those games you’ll give a chance to in order to switch things up for a while, but it’ll never be a favorite.