Poker Home Games – DQP

July 12, 2007

All right, now that the general description for pimp guts is up for everyone, we can move on to one of the greatest games ever invented by 2 people in need of a game they could play with just each other that would be fun and challenging at the same time.

Whew, that was a mouthful.

So, what does DQP even mean? Well, it stands for Double Quarter Pimps, as when we came up with the game as kids, we were playing for quarter antes. This variation, as you can guess, requires two quarter antes per person. You can also bump it up one more time to Triple Quarter Pimps, and so on. But anything past DQP in my opinion gets a little excessive, and you quickly run out of cards in the deck.

Here’s the rundown.

1.) OK, so the basic structure and rules of pimp guts still apply. Please see my home game explanation in an earlier article for a review of how to play.

2.) The twist on this game is that each player is dealt two independent hands. The game also can be played with more than 2 people, in fact, it’s preferable to have a regular group. It is, however, possible to play with two people, since you’re technically then playing with 4 hands.

3.) You cannot mix the cards between your two hands (if you do, it is cheating).

4.) As far as order of turn goes, it is the same as in pimp guts. The person to the left of the pimp is first, and must decide based off his three-card hand whether he wants to go in or out.

5.) One important thing to note for this game, you cannot look at both of your hands at the same time. You only can look at your hand on the right until you have made a decision on that hand, and then you are free to look at the cards in your other hand.

***Rule 5 can be exceptionally aggravating, in that you may put a pair of 10’s into play in your first hand, only to find you have a pair of Aces in the second hand. Of course, if the pimp card is a king, you may end putting the Aces in, as well, as a safety strategy. This decision would basically boil down to you only owing one ante to the pot if one of the hands was a winner, and the other was a loser, since you’d technically be clearing the pot with your winning hand, and then owing “pot plus 1” with your other hand.
This is also a strategy the pimped person can use to minimize the damage of being pimped if his or her other hand is a strong pair. And if the pimped person’s second hand is first in the rotation, this method also can be used as a bluff to send the message that you have a strong hand to beat, and are willing to forfeit any winnings to put your second hand into play.***

6.) The rule that you only can look at the hand you are put to a decision on first also applies to the person who is pimped. On pole position, however, everyone is allowed to look at both of their hands at the same time.

7.) The house, of course, has the option of whether to put pairs or triples into play (once again meaning if more than one person shows the same up card on the initial deal, those players are also pimped). And with twice as many hands as regular pimp guts on the table, the odds are greatly increased of having more players pimped as a result.

So that’s how you play DQP, a game that seems like a simple step up from regular pimp guts, but is a hell of a lot more fun in my opinion, and can provide for some explosive situations and huge pots (depending on where you set the roof, of course.)

And you’ll have to see for yourself how tempting it will be to “borrow” an ace from one of your hands to match it with the Ace in your other. It’s hard, let me tell you, and as kids, we had it out for each other, knowing that the first thing on everyone’s mind.

In fact, whenever a pair would come up, the first thing out of everyone’s mouth was, “Did you switch?”

The answer was either a stupid grin and an admission of guilt…or….well usually it was an admission of guilt. Funny, that must have been the reason we only trusted one of the guys in our group in the first place.

Here’s to you, Shoe!


I hear that DQP is possibly going to be started on – that would be a blast.