Poker Home Games – Hidden Community

January 6, 2008


Here’s a great twist on the typical “guts” or “pimp guts” games that are always floating around poker home games.

Now, most of these guts games are played with a “match or fold” rule at the end…meaning everyone says if they’re “in” on the final round of betting, and if you’re in and lose, then you have to match the pot and the game continues for another round.

Yeah, it’s great for building up huge pots.

This version, I suppose could be played as a match or fold (although most games probably could), but for explanation purposes, I’ll just keep it as a strict winner-takes-the-pot format of betting.

All right, here we go with the poker home game Hidden Community.

***Note*** – I’ll tell you right off the bat this is better when there’s more people at the table. I’d recommend it for at least five, but probably no more than 7 players.

1) Everyone antes the predetermined amount, and all the players are dealt 3 cards face down.

2) Players are allowed to look at and arrange their own cards.

3) Round of betting.

4) Anyone still in the game then chooses one card from his or her hand and turns it face up on the table. All players do this at the same time to keep things fair and prevent someone’s choice from influencing someone else’s choice.

5) Round of betting

6) Second card is turned up by everyone.

7) Round of betting.

8) Now everyone turns over their third card to reveal they’re poker hand. Here’s the twist…your poker hand consists of your 3 down cards (which are now face up)…and ANY 2 other cards showing on the table.

9) High hand takes all.

The twist to have hidden community cards right up to and past the last round of betting is definitely something that intrigued me, along with the strategy it adds to the game. You can certainly find yourself dumping huge amounts of money into the pot in hopes of someone’s last card being a heart for that flush you need.

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