Poker Home Games: Let’s Share

June 22, 2008

Poker Home Game: Let’s Share

All right, it’s been a few weeks since I had a new poker game to share, but this week I have a quick but fun little one for your enjoyment. This one serves as a great break-up between texas hold-em tournaments, or just another one to add to the cash game rotation.

1) Everyone puts in their ante, and each player receives 3 cards dealt face down.

2) Players look at their cards, and there’s a round of betting.

3) Remaining players then select one card from their hand (of their choice, of course) and place it face up on the table. All players do this at the same time so their selection does not influence other players.

4) Round of betting

5) A second card from each player who has not folded is placed face up in the same manner as the first.

6) Third round of betting

7) All players still in the pot show their final card.

8) Fourth and final round of betting

The best hand is selected using ALL 3 of the player’s own cards plus any other 2 cards showing on the table, including cards revealed by players who may have folded in betting rounds 2 and 3. So if you’ve folded anywhere along the way, the revealed portion of your hand is still “live”…a very unique characteristic to this game.

I absolutely love the strategy and bluffing of this one along the way, and the extremely unique feature of you knowing what potentially will be your opponents cards before they do, makes for a unique situation along the way….Think you’re sitting pretty with a pair of aces? The pair of aces will be available to everyone else who stays in for the long haul.