Poker Home Games: Suit Poker

April 21, 2008

Suit Poker

I know there are plenty of purists out there who just flat out hate wild card games. Of course, I can understand this in a casino setting such as PkerStars, but when it comes to the home game, I’m pretty much open to anything. I love learning new games, and the crazier they are, the better. (Unless I’m drunk, in which case the easier they are to learn and remember, the better.)

I remember having so much fun as a kid when I first learned about Aces, Deuces, One-Eyed Faces….and Suicidal Kings being wild.

What’s the deal with those kings, anyway? You’re the frickin’ king….you get to sleep with the Queens and….uh….sevens. What’s there to be suicidal over?


So, here’s a simple, fun, wild-card stuffed version of any poker game that exists. Whether it’s five-card draw, five-card stud, seven-card stud or something else, you can add in these wilds and some spice to your game (and likely some more money to the pot.)

So what’s the wild? Whatever suit you choose.

1.) Let’s set the example for this walkthrough as a game of five-card draw. Basic rules remain unchanged. This one actually gets extremely crazy because all of the cards are hidden…and the ONLY indicator you have of what your opponents might be holding is by how many cards they choose to draw. (And a word of advice, if you don’t choose anything, you better be holding a royal flush or better, or you’re done, son.)

2.) Well, there’s really not much need for a #2. Whatever single suit you choose in your hand to be wild, is wild. You don’t have to call it before hand (although that could make for a good alternative to this — each person writes down on a hidden sheet of paper what suit he wants to be wild, and THEN the cards are dealt).

3.) My house rules are a royal flush beats five of a kind. Four of a kind, straight flush, five of a kind, royal flush. That’s what I prefer…but I know house rules nationwide tend to lean toward five of a kind being the king of hands. I don’t really get this because technically the odds are still probably in favor of you pulling 5 of a kind rather than a royal flush…but I’m just guessing, I could be wrong. In any event, I always recommend you decide this before you start playing so there’s no confusion if the situation does come up.

Enjoy….go WILD!