Poker Home Games – Two Thirds

August 5, 2007

Two thirds is a fun, pot-building variation of seven card stud. As with any of these pot-building games, it’s always better to have at least 5 or 6 people at the table. Not to be confused with other pot-related tables that tend to be much more smokey (heh…) Although, you get a few nice cigars going, and a poker room can easily turn into a fire hazard itself.


1.) Hand is dealt out and played exactly like regular seven-card stud, including betting rules and order.

2.) In order to win the hand, you must have two of the possible three ways to win. Those are:
– high hand
– High spade in the hole
– low spade in the hole

3.) Rules to note:
– If nobody wins the two-thirds, the pot remains and a new hand is dealt.
– If you fold during the hand, you’re out until the pot clears. You will not be dealt in the next hand if nobody is declared the winner of the current hand.
– If nobody has a spade in the hole, nobody wins regardless of who has the high hand.
– If someone else has the high hand, but you have the only spade in hole, then you win because your spade counts as both the high and the low.

Another, more common variation of this game is called Chicago or Black Mariah. Instead of a winner-take-all game, this is a split-pot game that splits between the high hand and the high spade in the hole.
When the pot is an odd amount, we always played the high hand gets the extra, but that, of course, is up to the house rules.  Practice playing Two Thirds online at Full Tilt today.