Poker Pro Phil Ivey Might Be Denied a Massive $11.5 Million Payout

October 9, 2012

Poker Pro Phil Ivey Might Be Denied a Massive $11.5 Million Payout

Phil Ivey, the poker star who hails from America recently won a stunning amount in London. But speculation is considering trickery a part of the great win.

Banco or bunko?

The game that yielded such large winnings to Ivey was Punto Banco, a baccarat variant, which is like Chemin de Fer, the card game highly popularized by James Bond. The game is a favorite of high rollers and involves stakes that are always pretty high. A large part of winning this game relies on your luck as opposed to skill.

In the month of August, Ivey along with a companion went to Crockfords in London, which is one of the oldest clubs for gaming in Mayfair. It is also amongst the highest rungs in terms of prestige.

For a two day period, Ivey and his lady companion played for a total of seven hours, during which time they lost heavily in the beginning but then caught up quickly and won much more than they had lost.

When Ivey left the management at Crockford’s guaranteed Ivey that his winnings of $11.5 million would be put into his bank account. But as of today, the only amount that has been transferred into the players account is $1.3 million, which is the original stake.

Ivey has always had a spotless reputation and there is not a single indicating he has ever cheated in the past.

Reason for suspicion

The Daily Mail reported that suspicion first arose around Phil Ivey and his companion when it was found that the companions’ membership at one of Mayfair’s well-known gambling houses was suspended in the past.

Genting is Crockford’s parent company, and they had every single detail of Phil Ivey’s game investigated. Each card was inspected and the croupier was thoroughly interviewed. Over 10 overhead camera videos were reviewed and no wrong doing on the players’ part could be identified. Poker experts say that although no evidence against Ivey has been found, his character has been assassinated.

Although casinos welcome high-rollers, they are not too fond of high-rollers who win. Through this controversy, Crockford has got a lot of attention, but not exactly the most desired form of publicity.

A little about Ivey

Phil Ivey is known for winning eight gold bracelets from the World Series of Poker. He even has one World Poker Tour title to his credit and has made it to nine final tables of the series. Ivey is considered number 1 by several poker players and his contemporaries as well.

Ivey is often referred to as the Tiger Woods of poker and stared playing with his co-workers in New Jersey. The team that originally designed Full Tilt Poker included Ivey, but he severed ties with the group in 2011 stated Full Tilt breached the contract they had with him.

Presently, Ivey lives in Los Angeles and participates in numerous online and live poker tournaments. He also gives a good share of his earnings to charitable causes.

Phil Ivey and poker

Even a casual poker fan will be acquainted about who Phil Ivey is in the poker world. As a player, Ivey has been extremely successful in both cash games and tournaments. Mostly, players who are brilliant at tournaments don’t plays so well in cash games, and vice-versa, but Ivey is among a very few players who excel at both.

Ivey was born in 1976, in California and grew up in New Jersey, where the family then moved. He was introduced to the gambling world by his grandfather, when he was just eight years old. Ivey had a growing passion for video games and card games, which he possesses to this day.

At a very young age, Ivey got a fake ID and began going to Atlantic City to play poker, where he earned the name ‘No Home Jerome’, as his ID read Jerome Graham. The ‘No Home’ part was added to his nick name because Ivey almost never left the card tables while he was at Atlantic City.

When he was 20, Ivey relocated to Atlantic City and his career took shape at the Tropicana Casino, where he revealed his real name and began becoming increasingly recognized and respected.

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