Poker Promotions for Christmas and New Year

December 25, 2012

Now that it’s the festive season and celebrations are on for the New Year, most poker sites are offering exciting promotions to their players. Sites like William Hill and Poker770 have come up with amazing bonuses and promotions for their poker players. Want to earn $50 just like that? Why not earn an additional $20? Just make your initial deposit onto the gaming account at Poker770, and the Cash Machine promotion launched by the site can help you win more and more money in no time.

What is the Cash Machine promotion all about?

Poker770 has reintroduced its very popular promotion – Cash Machine. It has started from December 24 and will go on till December 30, from 19:00 to 21:00 GMT. This will give all the poker players another week to earn $70 free cash. You can just start off by downloading Poker770 onto your computer by logging into your gaming account. Then make the deposit, and it will be matched 100 percent with a maximum of $20 as cash bonus.

You can even take the advantage of Poker 770’s long-running $50 bankroll promotion. This promotion will give you the opportunity to win free money up to $70. To enjoy this promotion, you can just download Poker770 using PokerNews and enter bonus code “news50uk”. Just submit all the required details by filling out the form. Once you do this, additional $25 will be credited into your gaming account immediately. Once this is done, you just have to earn a Poker770 point within sixty days after receiving the bonus.

How to earn money on this promotion

To earn an additional $25, you just have to get 500 points within 120 days. This promotion is open for players from the UK, Switzerland, Andorra, Brazil, Austria, Australia, Canada, Greece, Iceland, Holland, Germany, Luxembourg, Spain, Portugal, and New Zealand. If you stay in Venezuela, Ukraine, Africa, Slovenia, Serbia, Poland, Paraguay, Montenegro, Macedonia, Latvia, Japan, Hungary, Estonia, Czech Republic, China, Chile, Belarus, and Argentina, you will find that the rules of the promotion are quite different.

If you are a resident of any of these countries, the free $50 is divided into three portions rather than two. Firstly, $10 will be credited to your gaming account once you register. Later, another $20 is credited to your account once you earn 500 points. Finally, $20 is credited after you earn another 500 poker points by 120 days. Once this is done, make deposits during the promotion named Cash Machine and you will get 100 percent matched bonus that is up to 20 dollars. This means that you can earn a maximum of $70 just for free by playing at Poker770.

William Hill promotion

Another poker site that is attracting more and more people with its Christmas and New Year promotion is William Hill. The poker site’s $10,000 Double-Up Sit ‘N’ Go Madness promotion has become highly popular among poker players. The promotion will end on January 10, 2013. If you love playing poker, do not miss an opportunity to get your winnings of $10,000 in cash. William Hill and Poker News have partnered to provide you with this new promotion. The promotion is going on now and will offer players with a cash prize worth $10,000.

This promotion is focused mainly on the very popular internet poker formats called Double-Up Sit N Go’s. Each time you play this Double-Up game, you will be able to earn points whenever you finish. Just try to earn the maximum number of points during this promotional period. You can then occupy a position among the top 100 players and earn cash. The $10,000 promotion is just available to players registering at the William Hill Casino through Poker News.

New kind of welcome bonus

Aside from the cash prizes, new players can even get an exciting welcome bonus. Just enter “NEWSCOM” as the bonus code and you can stand a chance for the 200% match on a maximum initial deposit of $2000. If you deposit $100, the poker site will credit $200 into your gaming account. After this, if you deposit $500, you will be awarded with $1,000 onto your gaming account. You will have to put in $1000 if you want to earn the maximum bonus of $2,000.

This promotion is open only for players who register at William Hill through any PokerNews group of firms. The firm you choose should be tagged to PokerNews to take part in the promotion. Only the winners from six player, ten player, and four player tournaments are eligible for the leaderboard points. You can play this promotion till January 10, 2013 at 23:59 GMT.

Though it is very rare, a tie can happen. During such a situation, the player who plays the maximum number of tournaments will be the winner. For instance, you need to have 1000 points from hundred games and your opponent should earn 1000 points from 90 games. During this situation, you will be declared the winner since you have played 100 games.

Other promotions at William Hill

The poker site is offering lots of cash prizes and games. You can play your favorite games from December 26 through January 4 for the Ten Days of Christmas promotion. All you should do is bet on your favorite poker game and win free bets, bonuses, and cash prizes. You can win all the three prizes by just collecting the required points on each day. To qualify for this promotion, you should have gained the necessary points prior to the bonus round.

Along with cash prizes, William Hill Poker is giving away Christmas freerolls in December. Each freeroll is worth $5,000 and you can just boost your bankroll by just taking advantage of this promotion. To play for this promotion, you just have to get 25 points on each day. You can play the Christmas freeroll from December 14 to December 26. Tickets for the freerolls were given away on December 13. However, on December 27, players will get another opportunity to purchase the tickets and become eligible for the $5,000 freerolls.