PokerStars’ Billionth Hand and Juanda Discusses Full Tilt Poker

August 21, 2012

Since Full Tilt Poker was recently acquired by PokerStars, players who were employed by and played on Full Tilt are talking about their previous poker site.

John Juanda speaks up

John Juanda took part in the European Poker Tour, hosted by PokerStars. Juanda is among the elite members of Full Tilt Poker’s Team and had quite a significant part to play in Full Tilt’s marketing campaign.

Juanda spoke to media persons and stated he was very happy on hearing that PokerStars acquired Full Tilt. When he was associated with Full Tilt, a lot of players would go up to him and enquire if he knew anything about their money, which made him feel really bad for them.

Some people even said they had around 80% of their bankroll stuck in their Full Tilt account. A large number of people could participate in the Main Event. This made Juanda feel very sympathetic towards those players because in his early poker days he used to play super satellite events to get through to the main event as he did not have the $10, 000, which was required to buy-in to the main event. The incident allowed him to relate to the Full Tilt players who were now in a fix.

Full Tilt was the former employer of Juanda and he was quite tight-lipped about the company’s downfall post the whole Black Friday event. Juanda maintained his calm even though he was often disgraced by players such as James Bord, probably because of his ties with Full Tilt.

PokerStars deals its 85 billionth hand

On the 20th of August, PokerStars proudly dealt its 85 billionth hand. The day was marked by a Mega Milestone celebration that awarded players seated at one lucky table over $93,000. Hundreds of players were made winners and given rewards, which eventually led up to the 85 billionth hand, although the mega prize was given to players at the no-limit hold’em table.

PokerStars reconfirms its plans

On completion of the deal with the United States Department of Justice, PokerStars acquired Full Tilt Poker and created possibilities for its return to the States. The forfeiture agreement is worth $547 and PokerStars is now eligible to apply for licenses with theUnited Statesgaming authorities.

Eric Hollreiser, the Head of Corporate Communications at PokerStars confirmed its plans recently and stated that PokerStars plans on entirely participating in a regulated U.S market in the near future. The company is still undecided whether it will enter the States in a federal or state-by-state market.

Hollreiser told the media that PokerStars make decision that are based on circumstances and definitely keep a close eye on developments. He proudly added that PokerStars is the top poker site and is licensed by the highest number of countries than any other site in the industry PokerStars is known to bring with it high value, integrity and credibility to the online poker marketplace.

Since the company’s legal issues in regard to theUnited Statesare resolved, they easily qualify for a license.