PokerStars Launches an Array of Tournaments for 2013

January 10, 2013

PokerStars, one of the leading online real money poker operators, is offering its valuable customers a number of poker tournaments to start off the New Year. The poker operator is renowned for providing premium gambling entertainment in the form of exciting games and fun tournaments with lucrative prizes. This year, PokerStars is starting off with Zoom Poker Tournaments and its annual Caribbean Adventure Tournament. One of the factors that set PokerStars apart is its variety of games. While Zoom Poker Tournaments will be held on the online platform, the Caribbean Adventure will be held in Bahamas at the Atlantis Resort.

PokerStars Unveils New Zoom Poker Tournament

For the past year, players at PokerStars have been treated to the fast-fold variation of the game known as Zoom Poker. Although players can avail the game in real money format, it is only now that PokerStars is unveiling a tournament based on this variation. As such, it has commandeered a great deal of interest among hardcore online real money poker players.

Although this was the first time that Zoom Poker Tournaments are running at the site, it was not launched amid the customary fanfare. In fact, its addition to the tourney lobby of PokerStars was made in a quiet manner at the end of last year. To ensure players are offered a hassle-free gaming and gambling environment, site issues are being ironed out and as of now, the tournament can be availed in Beta mode.

Zoom Poker Tournament to Include Only Micro-Stakes; Offers Variety of Games to Players

At present, PokerStars is offering only micro-stakes in the Zoom Poker Tournaments. The stakes range from $1 to $1.35 and €1 which can be placed on a number of poker variants such as Knockout, Turbo, Short-Handed Games, Pot-Limit Omaha and No-Limit Hold’em.

Unlike other tournaments where players have to wait for a long time to gain entry, Zoom Poker Tournaments hosts games every couple of hours. As the tournament is the latest addition to the PokerStars tourney lobby, players will be able to place real money wagers smoothly and enjoy uninterrupted game play. The maximum number of players that can register for the tournament each day is 5000 and till date, the Zoom Poker Tournament has successfully managed to hit that mark.

Zoom Poker Variant Considered Among Top Favorites of PokerStars Players

It was inevitable that a poker tournament was designed around the Zoom Poker variant. When the style of game was launched in March 2012 at PokerStars, it quickly became one of the most widely played games at the online poker room. One of the factors of its popularity is attributed to the fast-fold aspect where players can quickly fold their hands and move to another table without waiting for the game to end.

This is significant as most poker players, especially beginners, cannot tolerate the slow pace of the game. Zoom Poker offers constant action and gives players the freedom to get out of a game just as quickly as they got in. For poker professionals, Zoom Poker is the ideal manner in which to earn significant amounts of money as they can play more hands than what is possible at regular poker games.

In addition, the tournament format of the game will be equally appealing to players as the fast-fold action ensures that players do not get bored. Unlike the regular poker tournament format, players will be able to earn considerable amounts of money in a shorter span of time. They will also be in a position to elevate their loyalty level in the VIP club of the site by acquiring frequent player points.

PokerStars Celebrates a Decade of the Caribbean Adventure Poker Tournament

Every year PokerStars hosts the Caribbean Adventure poker tournament that offers re-buys and a prize pool worth millions. Players are in for a special treat as 2013 marks the tenth year since the Caribbean Adventure tournament format was launched. PokerStars intends to celebrate the milestone with special events and prizes.

This year, the tournament is being held at the Bahamas in the renowned Atlantis Resort on ParadiseIsland. Players can avail a variety of poker games and face off against professional players in the tournament. Organizers are anticipating an exceptional turnout of players as satellites have been hosted by PokerStars from the day that the 2012 tournament had concluded.

Poker Professionals to Descend on Paradise Island as Event Opens

No poker tournament organized by PokerStars is complete without the presence of professional players and the Caribbean Adventure 2013 is no different. Some of the professional poker players that are expected to attend the event are David Sands, Olivier Busquet, Vanessa Selbst, Dan Kelly and Greg Mueller.

The latter revealed his enthusiasm in attending the event as he bid adieu to Las Vegas as evidenced by a comment left on his Twitter account. PokerStars will not be engaging the players in the tournament the entire time as several outdoor activities, such as basketball, have also been planned.

However, there is one professional poker player that will be missed immensely in the Caribbean Adventure 2013 – Galen Hall. The man reigned supreme in the Caribbean Adventure 2011 by hoisting the championship and returned to play successfully last year as well, event though he could not defend his win.

According to sources, Hall is busy with preparations for college examinations and will be giving the tournament a miss. Even with the exception of Hall, the Caribbean Adventure 2013 is touted to be one of the most massive poker tournaments that includes a challenging player field to be held this year.