PokerStars Sunday December 4th 2011 Tournament Report

December 5, 2011

Now that we’re in December I expect the tournaments at PokerStars to have bigger playing fields. During the holidays we often see an increase in the poker players due to the weather and due to the fact people tend to stay inside more. Spending time with family and friends is important, but there is always time for a tournament or two during the holidays. PokerStars is the best place to play online poker this Christmas because they have tons of promotions running due to it being their 10th anniversary right now.

PokerStars Sunday Million

• Entrants – 6899 / Prize Pool – $1,379,800

I expect more players to join the Sunday Million in next week, but the numbers were a bit down because there were a few extra events running at PokerStars this weekend. Nearly 7K players still played in the Sunday Million and the prize pool easily went over the guaranteed amount of $1M. The top four players made a deal this week and they ended up making roughly the same. Traxxart won 1st place and earned $143K, Gabriel171 finished in 2nd place and earned $149K, Marcin Milde finished in 3rd place and earned $128K while NeedCashQuik finished in 4th place and earned $129K.

PokerStars World Record

• Entrants – 200,000 / Prize Pool – $250,000

This weekend PokerStars broke their own world record for hosting the biggest online poker tournament. They beat their record by over 50,000 players and I’m sure many more players would have joined if they could have. The event was capped at the 200K player limit during pre-registration, so there were tons of players looking to participate. The final three players in the tournament ended up cutting a deal in the World Record tournament. Sokoluk1991 ended up winning the record breaking tournament and won $40K for his efforts. Kaitz80 finished in 2nd place and won $34K while King-2-Z finished in 3rd place and won $25K.

PokerStars Sunday Warm-Up

• Entrants – 3585 / Prize Pool – $717,000

There were lots of deals this weekend, as everyone seems to be getting into the Christmas spirit. The final three players decided to agree upon a deal in the Sunday Warm-Up. The 3 players made nearly the same amount and 2nd place actually ended up earning the most money. Raulcbn won $83K and also gets to brag to his friends about winning 1st place. 3591omanyd took home $93K for finishing in 2nd place while 942003 won $78K for earning a 3rd place finish in the Sunday Warm-Up.

I think we’ll see more players in these major tournaments at PokerStars next week, as a lot of players won’t be busy playing in the World Record event. I’d be nice to break the 7K player milestone in the Sunday Million this month and with all of the promotions going on at PokerStars I think it’s definitely possible. Make sure you visit PokerStars to find out what promotions the poker room will be running the rest of the month.