Popular Poker Pros Capture Attention in 2013 World Poker Series in Las Vegas

June 26, 2013

The 2013 World Poker Series is attracting poker enthusiasts from all over the world and is all set to provide one week-after-another of exciting games. Amidst all the action and the high octane events, two famous pros Jeff Madsen and Erick Lindgren have made news in the last weekend matches and attracted everyone’s attention. They have once again returned to the winners’ circle in a much talked about match of No Limit Hold’em, becoming the strongest contenders for the World Championship.

Review of Matches on 20th June (No Limit Hold’em for $5000 Six Handed Game)

The Thursday’s game started with 14 pros surviving the initial grilling, all viable candidates for the World Championship. These 14 expert poker players survived from a total number of 516 players who had come to the line initially. Leading the lot in Thursday’s game was Jonathan Little who backed a staggering amount of 1.29 million in chips. Other pros just following his lead were Allen Bari (who won the 2011 WSOP bracelet championship), Lee Markholt, Andrew Robl, and Erick Lindgren. These are but few of the world championship experts who were determined to bring Jonathan Little down from his stand at the beginning of the match on Thursday.

From the very beginning of the match on Thursday it was obvious that a lot of pressure was building on Mr. Little. He lost the race against Lindgren’s A♣ K♣ in the match, when he doubled up to him and Lindgren turned the nut flush against him. But Jonathan Little did not grieve long on losing the place on the list as he soon defeated Jonathan Aguiar holding the 13th place to regain his position in the million chip platform. Turning the tables on the other side, Vasile Buboi touched the 1.3 million thresholds by defeating Harry Bienenfeld, who was in the 14th place and secured the 13th place for himself.

Discussing other prominent events of the game on Thursday, Kyle White lost his position at number 12th after being defeated by Buboi, who captured the 11th position in the charts after the completion of the game. Buboi is all set to achieve the WSOP bracelet having 2.25 million chips in this account after having two consecutive knockouts to his name. But the climb to the WSOP bracelet honor will not be very easy as many other pros have fixed their eyes to the trophy as well.

As it looks now, Buboi and Lindgren would meet at the top of the leaderboard constructively reducing the stack of chips with Bari and Dario Sammartino. They will move to the 1.7 million and 1.8 million pedestals respectively. Dario Sammartino is currently occupying the 10th position in the league. The winning spree of Markholt was the most impressive, as he knocked off Bari, holding the 9th position to achieve a stack of 1.75 million chips in his account. But the spree is no match for Lindgren’s continuous charge on his opponents after cutting down Craig Fishman (8th position), and securing a staggering amount of 2 million chips in his account.

Review of the Tournament on 21st June ($3000 Pot Limit Omaha)

The initial number of people who started the game was 640 out of which the last 19 survivors were face-to-face in the Friday’s event. A series of matches between these 19 pros will determine the champion in the particular event who will take home a staggering amount back home. In an interesting turn of events the former WSOP Player of the Year, and the winner of the bracelet trophy two consecutive times, Jeff Madsen held the highest stand on the table with a promising amount of 922,000 chips in his bag. But the path to the championship trophy was made difficult by other pro players like Christian Harder, Jason DeWitt, Scott Clements, Mike Sexton, and Ashton, who kept their eyes, fixed on the trophy as well.

From the beginning of the day Madsen showed that he will not be an underdog and did not let anyone else set a foothold in the game. He quickly established his advantage by winning two consecutive hands against Sexton occupying the 16th place and Brian Alioa holding the 15th place respectively. Even till the end when he reached the final table after defeating Isaac Hagerling in the 10th place, he was leading his competitor, Ryan Chapman by an additional amount of 450k chips which obviously gave him a huge leverage on the table.

Later in the day Madsen defeated three other contenders on the final table to hold his position and reached the 3 million chip pedestal. The games on Friday ended with Jeff Madsen leading with a cash stack of $384,420 followed by Doug Corning with $237,374 and Michal Maryska with $154,312 in the 2nd and 3rd place respectively.