Revel Casino Hotel in Atlantic City Plans to Close Poker Room

August 7, 2013

On the 30th of July, Revel Casino Hotel in Atlantic City made an announcement that it is planning to close its poker room in the coming month. According to the Revel Group, poker rooms aren’t exactly the main source of money for the hotel. The management considers other casino games to be the money makers. So they thought that maintaining a poker room in the casino is not worth it anymore.

Revel releases a statement regarding the same

Revel Casino Hotel also released a statement regarding the decision, which stated that the company has put in some serious thought regarding the matter. They have finally come to a conclusion that in order to improve the entire operating performance of the casino, the management will have to cut loose the poker room. Its operations are scheduled to cease in August this year.

According to the statement, offering poker at Revel Casino Hotel as an amenity will be considered as a component for online opportunities in the future. In fact the entire management might even take it up as a future strategy.

Revel Casino Hotel’s management feels that the company has a very talented set of staff and professionals, who are currently looking after the poker operations. The company wants to avoid these skilled professionals from being unemployed with the closing of the poker room, which is why they are actively working in order to place them in other areas as soon as possible.

Revel Casino Hotel currently struggling in Atlantic City

The casino hasn’t exactly been having an easy time in the casino industry of Atlantic City. In fact, the hotel has been struggling to meet various needs in this huge city, which puts it in quite an unenviable position. In the month of June, the casino stepped out from bankruptcy protection and started making changes to try and make a positive change. Revel Casino Hotel even launched a creative promotion in the beginning of July, where any player who loses over 100 dollars at the slot machine games will have the total money refunded by Revel itself.

Revel’s CEO asks crowd to give the casino a second chance

It isn’t all that simple as just getting all their money back. The casino wants more people to come back and play other casino games that they offer. So, the refunded amount will be credited to the player’s Revel Card, which is also the casino’s player card. This will be done in an equal installment and will be credited over a period of 20 weeks.

However, it is mandatory that the players visit the casino in order to receive every week’s bonus. According to Jeff Hartmann, the CEO of Revel, if the players win it is brilliant, but if they lose the casino gives them a second chance. He feels that this is the casino’s way of asking people to give Revel Casino Hotel a second chance.

Casino is currently focusing on regional gamblers

Revel Casino Hotel is currently focusing on average regional and local gamblers. They are doing so, instead of trying to recreate an elaborate and luxurious experience, in order to try and draw high rollers from in and around the world. However, the casino is quite concerned regarding its amenities, as it is considered to be quite a nice casino.

Right now the team is looking to focus on providing the locals with a great gaming experience for a lower price. They are doing this hoping that locals will stop by the Revel Casino in Atlantic City and help the casino get on the radar again.

Revel brings smoking back inside the casino

In their strong attempt to rebuild Revel Casino Hotel’s name and credibility, the casino has made quite an interesting move by re-introducing smoking in the casino. This was initially prohibited at the casino. According to Hartmann, the casino seems to have made a few mistakes and have undergone a tough time over the past 12 months.

The new introductions are a newer version of the casino and can even be termed as ‘Revel 2.0’, according to the casino’s CEO. His only hope is that the casino will enthrall the audience and the players will give them a second chance.

Even though Revel Casino has decided to get rid of the poker room, it doesn’t mean that the casino is doing the same on its online poker front. Atlantic City’s New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement has given all the casinos in the city time till the 29th of June next year to partner with various gaming operators online. By doing so, these casinos will not risk having their applications for interactive gaming delayed. According to reports, most of these casinos have done ink deals with other online gaming operators. However, Revel still hasn’t made its online gaming partnership public.