Sorel Mizzi Bags the Partypoker Premier League VII

December 5, 2013

The Partypoker Premier League was held recently at the Playground Poker Club in Montreal, Canada. It went on for several days which was grueling for the players and took a lot of energy out of them. In the end, it was Sorel Mizzi who emerged the winner and pocketed a prize money of over 400,000 dollars. There were 12 top notch players in the event. Each of them had to play in four qualifying rounds, also known as heats, before entering the finals table. The players were awarded points according to their position in each of the four heats. Those who end up in the top four positions would automatically qualify to play in the finals round. The rest of the players would then battle it out among themselves for the remaining two spots in a series of best-of-three heads-up matches at the six-handed finals table. Points earned in the initial four heats were worth 2000 dollars each.

First heat won by Jeff Gross

In heat number one, Jeff Gross, who was pitted against Dan Colman won the heat on the 236th hand. Gross raised the hand with a nine of hearts and eight of clubs while Colman held king of diamonds and three of diamonds which was not enough as Gross secured 14 crucial points against Colman’s 11.

Jason Koon wins heat number two

In the second heat, the remaining four players joined the group with four others who were already there initially. The match-up this time was between Jason Koon and Scott Seiver and it came to an end on the 228th move. They both were in preflop, but eventually it was Koon’s ace of spades that prevailed over Seiver’s queen of diamonds and eight of hearts. Jason Koon then went ahead into the first position at the end of heat number two.

Third heat went to Sorel Mizzi

There was again a reshuffle in the third heat and finally the fight was between Sorel Mizzi and Jeff Gross. This one finished on the 211th hand when Mizzi overpowered Gross with an ace of hearts and seven of diamonds against Jeff’s jack and ten of diamond. Mizzi added 14 more points to his tally while Jeff got 11 points which took him to the overall leader’s position.

Colman Wins Heat No. 4

Colman took on Phil Laak in the heads up play and in the 156th move it came to an end as Colman swept away Laak with a confident move on the turn and on the river. Colman leapfrogged every other player to take the first spot.

Heat number five goes to Rast

Here again it was Jeff Gross up against Brian Rast in the heads-up play for the third time and Rast made no mistake to take the heat on the 153rd hand with a show of double ace.

Final heat goes to Seiver

In the final heat it was Seiver taking on Rast in the heads-up play and after 220 long moves, it was Seiver who came on top which was very critical for him in the end.

After the heats got over Colman, Gross, Mizzi and Rast qualified directly into the final table while Koon, Duhamel, Seiver and Cates battled again for the final two positions. In the end, Koon and Seiver joined the four others to play in the finals table.

Final showdown

When it came to the ultimate glory, no one could match up to the moves of Sorel Mizzi. First to go down was Rast on the 17th move. He was done in by the wily Colman, courtesy a bad beat. Colman, however, went home with a cool 40,000. Next in line to go home was the young fellow Koon who couldn’t match to the skill level of Mizzi as he went down fighting 59th hand. He got a well deserved 60,000 for his efforts. It was the turn of Seiver to go next after he raised a call of three-bet against Colman. He got 80,000 dollars for his fourth place finish. It was Mizzi who ended the run of Colman with his show of double kings.

Eventually the final match-up was between Mizzi and Gross. At the start of the heads-up play Mizzi had a handy lead of 9 to1which was a little too much for Gross to overhaul which led Mizzi to take away the title of partypoker Premier League in his home country.