January 4, 2009

            Couldn’t think of a better title for this blod/article.  If you don’t know what it means, do a quick search for Dreamcatcher the movie and type it in…it’s not hard to find. 


Maybe, when I was writing about New Year’s resolutions, I should’ve just covered my bases by saying, “Don’t play stupid.”  And, if that had been the case, I should’ve listened to myself.

            OK, enough with the setup, I’m particularly disappointed in a hand I played on New Year’s eve this past week.  So, technically it wasn’t the new year yet, and I wasn’t bound to any resolutions poker-related that I may have set for myself, but that certainly doesn’t excuse the stupidity.

            Here’s what happened…

            Straight hold ‘em tournament, not much money, it’s a social game on a social, laid-back night.  I’ve been losing a little up to that point…down to about 70% of my buy-in chip stack…feeling like I want to make something happen.  I hadn’t been getting much of anything in the way of “luck” from the deck, and we’re about 2 or 3 raises into the blinds by this time.

            I get 6, 7 clubs dealt to me.  I was the small blind, nobody bets, it comes back to me and I call.  I feel like it’s worth taking a chance that I’ll catch something early building quickly toward a straight or a flush.

            The big blind raises 4 times the big blind ante…there’s 5 total players, the next two drop out, fourth guy calls, as do I.

            My first stupid move.  Believe me, you don’t have to think about reminding me how I should’ve played, I relived it a few times in my head when I was driving home at the end of the night – quite sober mind you.

            Flop comes out – J clubs, 10 diamonds, 3 clubs. 

            Now, at this point, the thought that pops into my head is – someone was betting on a high king or Aces, and then didn’t pull a pair.  What I should’ve been thinking was – this is a bad hand for you.  The straight is just about gone.  And you’re pushing the odds big time banking on a flush.

            Fourth guy bets what was just bet.  I think it’s a bluff (again, I have nothing to really call it with anyhow) so I call.  Big Blind doesn’t re-raise, but does call to stay in the game.

            Second stupid move.  Even if I was going in for a flush draw, and I didn’t think either of them caught a high pair, I think in hindsight I would’ve put some muscle behind a bluff to see if I could’ve shaken one of them out of the hand.  Now they have a chance, if they haven’t already, to catch whatever they’re looking for, as well.

            Fourth card comes out…8 of hearts.  Worst card possible for me at this point.  Now the inside straight is alive again.

            Same bet by the fourth guy.  Again, all I do is call.

            Now the big blind comes back with a bet twice the amount.  Fourth guy takes little time calling. 

            I call.

            Third mistake.

            River card is no help to either my flush or straight.   I drop out when the bet is made, can’t even remember who won the hand…but I remember wanting to punch myself in the face with a big “after the fact F-U.”

            Shows you how quickly I got over it that I’m still thinking about it 4 days later.

            Well, new year, time to listen to myself and follow those resolutions.