The 14th World Tavern Poker Set to Begin This June

March 30, 2012

America’s favorite bar poker league, the World Tavern Poker is all set for its 14th Open in June, 2012. The Spring Season of the championship has begun in February and will continue till June 10, 2012. On the whole, 15 Spring Season weeks will be held before the Tavern Championship begins on June 11, 2012. This will be followed by the Tournament of Champions from June 18 to June 24, 2012.

The 14th Open World Tavern Poker’s flagship tournament will be held in Atlantic City and is expected to draw a crowd of 800 or more. Tickets for the event are up for sale now. If you want to be a part of this event, grab them before they are gone.

How tavern poker works

To be a part of World Tavern Poker, the leading poker league in America, you have to register on their site. Once you are a member, you can participate in any of the poker tournaments that take place at a bar close to you. If you are among the top poker players at your local bar, you will get a chance to participate in the regional tavern championship. Win that and you could move up one level to the national tavern championship. Along with the cash prizes, winners of these events will also get a chance to win free seats to the WSOP events each year.

Seasons and tournaments

Tavern poker events are divided into three seasons of 15 weeks each. During each week of a season, players will get to participate in the regular poker tournaments to qualify for the next levels, which are the regional and national championship events.

Player ranking

During the tournaments, players are ranked based on the number of points they accumulate during the games. Ranking is done at four levels – tavern, regional, state and national. Tavern ranking is based on the average of 8 top scores of a player at the tavern. Regional ranking is based on average of 12 top scores at any tavern in the region, state level ranking is the average of 16 from any tavern in the state and national level ranking is based on the average of top 24 scores from any tavern in the country.


Championships are held at three levels – tavern, regional and national. The top players at the end of each season will get to participate in the Tavern Championship events, which include the semi-final and the final. Top ten players from each bar, including the winner of the Tavern Championship, will move to the Regional Championship. The top players again will get to participate in the national championships.

There are three National Tavern Championships in a year, one for each season. The Spring National Championship takes place in Las Vegas. The fall and winter championships are held in Atlantic City in April or May. The final event will be the World Tavern Poker Open, which will be held between June 10 and 13this year. To be a part of this fun-filled bar league tournaments, get started now and register yourself at