The Entire iPoker Network Will Now Be Split into Two Networks

September 5, 2012

With online poker games gaining popularity all over the world, one of the most popular online poker networks, iPoker, decided to split its network. The news was announced a few months ago and is going to divide the entire network into two partitions or skins, which will involve two main categories. One partition will deal with smaller player pools and the other division will be dealing with player pools that are large.

iPoker has taken this step to divide the network so that the player experience will be improved to greater standards. Even though the announcement of the decision was announced a couple of months ago, the decision has gone into effect just a few days ago.

iPoker I and iPoker II

Since the entire network is divided into two, the categories are named as iPoker I and iPoker II, dealing with large player pools and small player pools, respectively. One of the most popular online poker rooms, called Bet365, is assigned to work on the network dealing with smaller player pools. The reason this is being done is to provide options of mid to low stakes in No Limit Hold’em poker games.

Apart from being an option for these cash games, the category or division also offers other options to players such as comfortable playing zone. Since the entire network is divided, there will no tough competition at all times. Elimination of number of players makes the entire play area more comfortable and relaxed for the players to play in.

The division of the entire network is traffic based

The division or the split of the company’s network is directed mainly towards player traffic in poker games and rooms played online. It is also targeted towards making the new players feel comfortable. Quite a few new members sign up each month onto the iPoker network and enjoy various versions of online poker.

Online poker sites that will have at least six thousand players, who are active every month, will be immediately shifted to the iPoker II category. Sites that have active player traffic below 6000 will continue to stay in the iPoker I category, every month. If the sites on iPoker I category want to move up to the bigger category then they will have prove the active player rates by showing higher player numbers.

A certain amount of players need to be brought into a site each month

iPoker is making online poker sites to also commit to a monthly rule, which states that each site will have to bring in 850 new poker players at least, every month on to their site. Doing this, will let the sit remain or move to the top category, depending on the player traffic.

iPoker ahs also released a statement about the split saying that the company has decided to extend its network policy. The extension will include certain quality standards, which will regulate the interactiveness between numerous card rooms. If any site will fail to meet any of the standards, then there will be a separation of the card room from the entire network and even from the main liquidity pool.