‘The Grind’ Draws the Attention of the Poker Industry on YouTube

September 4, 2013

Even though television has been broadcasting poker events, it has been on topics related to tournaments. There are other media outlets that have provided the dramatic element to poker, which the television broadcasts lacked. ‘Runner Runner’ is going to be released soon and is churning up quite a lot of interest in the poker community. Other poker documentaries that have blazed the trail are All In and Bet Raise Fold. 

The pilot of an upcoming and ongoing series is presently doing the rounds on the popular networking site, YouTube. This is drawing quite a lot of interest in the poker industry as well. ‘The Grind’ is produced by AutenNotDolt Productions and Hometown Hero Productions and was recently released on August 18, on YouTube. As of now the episode has about 800 views, which is a low number of hits. However, it does show immense promise with its premiere.

Group of players are followed around in the show 

‘The Grind’ is a series based on a bunch of poker players, that is followed around by the camera as they go along with their ‘mundane’ lifestyles. The pilot episode was for about twenty minutes and it ended with something that came as a shock to the entire poker community. As the episode begins, the viewers are introduced to Chris, who is playing poker online while sitting in class. He is instead, supposed to be listening to his professor.

As the pilot proceeds, the audience is introduced to Chris’ poker friends who are also his partners, and are shown to be going about their daily routines. Soon they receive texts on their mobile regarding the next big poker game that is going to take place. As the episode continues, Chris is heard saying that poker is the one reason that gets him through the daily grind. The setting then changes to a restaurant scene, where one of Chris’ partners is spoken to by a bunch of businessmen.

The action in the pilot is seen in the apartment

The waiter slowly encourages the group to participate in the poker game that the boys have organized in the apartment. When everybody moves there and starts to play, things begin to heat up. Over the next few minutes, the episode continues to show the game that is played in the apartment. Chris ends up as the camera’s focal point as he neatly demonstrates his moves in a hand that he pays against one of the businessmen present in the apartment.

Chris ends up losing the hand, but keeps this information away as the game proceeds. The game finally ends with the camera showing us one of the most nearly impossible hands, which usually is seen in dramatic productions. Chris can be considered to be the hero in the episode as he continues his battle and comes up with pocket Aces while his nemesis has AK. After studying the opponent, the group calls a flop. This was the moment that Chris was waiting for and he states that he wants to ‘set the trap’ now.

The slowest moment in the episode 

In the pilot, the slowest moment can be considered to be the scene where the poker players move to a local diner to have some food. After they finish their meal and walk out, the audience is introduced to Chris’ potential love interest. The pilot ends with Chris turning on his computer the following morning after he comes to know that his rent is due. As Chris looks at the computer screen, he sees the ominous seizure screen that so many other poker players saw on Black Friday. With this, the pilot abruptly concludes.

‘The Grind’ has cleverly turned the idea of Black Friday into a drama 

With the release of its pilot episode on YouTube, it was quite clear that the team behind ‘The Grind’ have put in a lot of effort and done some tremendous things in the series. Taking the Black Friday situation and blending it into a drama about how the poker players were affected is quite an interesting take on the subject. However, the pilot doesn’t leave any more clues regarding how the series is going to proceed.