The Poker Players Alliance Makes Effort to Get the New Jersey Online Poker Bill Approved

January 29, 2013

The New Jersey online poker bill has been a topic of debate for a long period of time now. The Poker Players Alliance has been watching this bill closely in order to try and get it approved by the Governor, Chris Christie. Since the alliance is unable to get a substantial feedback on the pending decision, they have decided to personally request Chris to approve the bill.

Poker Players Alliance gearing up to get the bill approved

Currently, the Poker Players Alliance has close to 20,000 members in it, and all of them are waiting for the bill to be approved. As a matter of fact, the alliance has decided to come together to talk to Governor Chris about the bill. In the year 2011, Chris vetoed against a similar bill on online poker, and the alliance is afraid that he might take a similar decision even this year. So in order to better the chances of the bill being approved, the alliance has decided to meet Chris personally, and to request him to approve the bill, as it will be beneficial for the state, residents, as well as the alliance.

If this bill is passed, New Jersey will become the epicenter of all online poker activities within the country. This will increase the economic activities within the state, and will earn the state authorities a substantial amount of revenue. Furthermore, the alliance states that with licensing, the governmental authorities will be able to monitor any kind of illegal activities within the state easily. Therefore, the alliance fails to see the reason as to why the bill has been kept on a hold for such a long period of time.

According to one of the members of the alliance, the New Jersey legislative house voted in support of the bill. As a matter of fact, the bill received close to unanimous votes. Therefore, the member feels that Chris should approve this bill readily. In addition, this bill will encourage economic activities within the state, so the member is of the opinion that Chris should consider the benefits of the bill before taking his decision on it.

The residents support the bill

Apart from meeting Chris personally, the Poker Players Alliance has requested all the residents who support the bill to help make their efforts a success. The alliance has updated their website with details on how the residents can approach the Governor and share their point of view with him. Since Chris is expected to deliver his decision on the bill on the 7th of February, 2013, the alliance felt that such a campaign could help him while making a decision. So far, close to 500 residents have called at the Governor’s office to show their support to this bill; around 1,300 residents have sent e-mails to the Governor. In addition to this, the local residents of New Jersey have been showing their support for the online poker bill on social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter as well.

According to the Executive Director of the Poker Players Alliance, John Pappas, the residents in New Jersey are in support of the bill as well. As a matter of fact, thousands of residents have sent letters to Governor Chris in order to convince him to approve the bill. Pappas stated that if this bill is converted into a law, the poker market within New Jersey can be monitored and organized in an effective way. In addition to this, with the new law in place, the state revenues will escalate drastically.

Pappas feels that if New Jersey legalizes online poker within its premises, it could be emerge as one of the leading states in the US. Poker is going to be one of the leading industries in the US in the coming few years and political leaders need to view it with an economic perspective, he added. So Pappas is hoping that Governor Chris will consider all the benefits of this bill, and have an open mindset towards it.

Governor Chris’ reservation towards the bill

Governor Chris Christie has not openly expressed his opinion about the bill, as he doesn’t want to discuss it before the 7th of February. However, in a recent interview on a radio show, he did express a few of his concerns with regard to the bill. Chris stated that he was apprehensive about the bill as he felt that it might affect the economic activities in Atlantic City. According to him, residents drive down to Atlantic City to have the experience of playing in a casino. However, if they can play poker online, they might not travel to casinos at all.

In addition to this, Chris feels that legalizing online poker may produce a new generation of gambling addicts. Gambling is an addiction for many individuals, and if these individuals have online access to poker, they might indulge in it 24/7. So despite the efforts from the alliance, there is a high possibility that Chris might veto against the bill even this year.