Titan Poker to Offer Monthly Rewards to Players

February 27, 2012

Starting March 1, Titan Poker will be giving away upto $250 in poker bonuses to its players. The online poker room has launched a promotion called Lord of the Grind, which aims at rewarding its loyal players for their monthly achievements on the site. So if you are a regular at Titan Poker, you could get extra cash and even a fancy title for achieving the targets set by the poker site. Titan Poker is the most popular online poker room in Europe and attracts a number of players from all over the world. The poker room is known for its variety of poker tournaments, with progressive jackpots running into hundreds of thousands.

The Lord of the Grind is the latest addition to the VIP club benefits that Titan Poker offers. To benefit from this new promotion, all you need to do is play as many cash games and tournaments as you can on the online poker site. To win the Lord of the Grind bonus, you have to earn enough Titan Poker Points to reach the targets set by the site. There are four different levels of targets you can aim at for the bonus. The number of points you need to earn, and the number of days you need to earn them for, differ for each level. The amount of bonus you earn also rises with each level.

Level 1 – In the first level, players who earn a minimum of 30 points everyday for 10 days, will get $5 in cash and $15 in pending bonus. If you earn the minimum number of points for 20 days, the pending bonus you can win is $25.

Level 2 – In the second level, players have to earn a minimum of 100 points for 10 days, to win $5 in cash and $35 as bonus. If you manage to earn 100 Titan Poker Points for 20 days, you get $10 in cash and $70 in bonus.

Level 3 – Players will reach the 3rd level when they earn at least 250 points every day, for 10 or 20 days in the month. The rewards in this level will be $10 in cash plus $90 in bonus if you earn the points for 10 days, and $10 in cash and $140 as bonus for 20 days.

Level 4 -The top-most level is also the most difficult one, where players have to earn at least 1000 points each day. If you manage to reach the target for 10 days in the month, you get $20 in cash and $180 as bonus. If you can do it for 20 days, you get $25 in cash and $225 in bonus.

Just ‘Opt In’ to begin

To be a part of this fabulous promotion, just visit the Lord of the Grind promotion page on Titan Poker and click on ‘Opt In’. Once you do, you can get started with your games to start earning points. To know where you stand in the competition, just visit the “check my status” page using your Titan Poker user id and password. The details on the page include the number of days you have earned the points, your rank and the prize money you can win.