Tom Koral Wins the 2013 DeepStacks Poker Tour Oregon State Poker Championship

November 8, 2013

The Oregon State Poker Championship came to a close with Tom Koral winning the title with an Ace-7 off suited hand. The tournament took place at the Chinook Winds Resort Casino and 157 players bought in for the $1,100 DeepStacks event. There were many noticeable players who participated in the tournament such as Michael Mizrachi, Tristan Wade, Jennifer Leigh, and Randal Flowers. However, it was the poker pro, Koral, who took the trophy along with the $39,720 cash prize.

9th Place for Dolan

It was a tough day at the office for Ernie Dolan as he came up short in the 19th Level and exited the competition on a sad note. The blinds stood at 4,000/8,000, 1,000 ante in which Dolan opened the hand with a promising 45,000 raise. Del Hardison was the only opponent to call the hand as he was holding pocket 4s against Dolan’s Ace-Jack off suited hand. The flop showed an Ace of hearts, 10 of Clubs, and a 4 of Diamonds to give Hardison trip 4s. Dolan managed the top pair on the flop, but was drawing dead when the turn showed a 3 of Spades. The 2 of Diamonds on the river put Dolan’s misery to rest as he finished in 9th place for a meager $3,963.

Barber out in 6th Place

After Dolan was dismissed from the competition at 9th place, Chris Elliot and Brian Bowman followed suit in seventh and eight place respectively. Toma Barber was the next person to join them outside the competition when he fell in the 21st level of the tournament. The blinds in the hand stood at 6,000 and 12,000 with a 2,000 ante and Barber shoved his 90,000 under the gun. Poker star Randal Flowers was ready to take another victim and called the raise. Flowers was in a stronger position, holding an Ace-10 off suited hand, while Barber was drawing a Queen-Jack off-suited hand.

The flop showed a Queen of Clubs, a 4 of Hearts, and a 3 of Diamonds to give Barber the lead as he managed to grab the top pair. The 7 of Clubs that showed on the turn further cemented his position as his chances went up to 93.18%. However, his luck ran out when the only card that could beat him showed – the Ace of Clubs. Flowers took the win with the higher pair and Barber’s run in the competition came to an end.

No luck for Flowers

It did not take long for the next player in the competition to get knocked as the man who defeated Barber, exited the competition in fifth place. The hand began with Max Young raising to 35,000 which prompted Flowers to make a bold move. He went all-in in the next bet to 406,000 and Young made the call, holding an Ace-Queen off-suited hand. Flowers was holding Pocket 7s when the Flop destroyed his chances of winning dramatically when a Queen and 6 of Diamonds, and a 6 of Spades showed. Young was holding on to the higher two pair and and the two 3s that showed on the turn and the river did not help the Poker star’s chances of winning and exited from the tournament in 5th place with $9,932 as prize money.

Young and Bell next to go

After that crushing win over Randal Flowers, Young was the next player to follow him out of the competition along with Poker star Micah Bell who finished in 4th and 3rd place respectively. Young finished with a prize money of $13,248 while Bell finished with $17,890.

Heads up between Koral and Hardison

The heads up table between Hardison and Koral became very hot the moment Bell was eliminated from the competition. Both players were relentless to say the least as they were fighting tooth and nail for that trophy and prize money. Koral was the favorite, going into the round as his playing style during this competition has paid him huge dividends. Hardison was in for a tough match and his chances of winning the title took a wrong turn when Koral doubled his chip count. Koral cracked Hardison’s Pocket Queens in that hand and in the next one, Koral was announced as the winner of the tournament.

The competition came to a close with the blinds standing at 15,000 and 30,000 with a 4,000 ante. Koral, who was smelling blood, raised pre-flop to 60,000 which put Hardison straight on to the back foot. Hardison, knowing that his chances were still favorable, called the raise and the flop turned over a Queen of Diamonds, a 5 of Hearts, and a 4 of Diamonds. Hardison, holding a Queen-Jack off-suited hand, called a raise to 70,000. The turn and River showed a 7 each and Koral made the bold move to raise to 200,000. Hardison thought that Koral was drawing dead and shoved all his chips which totaled 804,000. Koral turned over his Ace-7 off-suited hand which gave a trips set as well as the title of being the winner of the Oregon Poker Championship, 2013.