Transfers between Players to be ended by Merge Gaming

October 30, 2012

Merge Gaming recently informed their skins that they are to prohibit player to player transfers from the 1st of November. The popular network also will not allow skins to transfer money to players.

The reason lying behind this change has undergone a lot of speculation. One of the thoughts is that the change is a way to improve policing of illegal promotions. Another opinion is that Merge Gaming is probably trying to stop players from trading chips among themselves. Some players who reside outside the States are even earning their living by buying chips from American players.

Some updates regarding the changes

The main representative from Carbon Poker, which uses Merge Network, stated that the player transfers are suspended temporarily and the limits are also reduced because of the rule to be implemented from the 1st of November.

Although CarbonRyan, Carbon’s representative is well prepared for the suspension of transfers, he is waiting to know when they will be available once again. Carbon might not be affected by the recent changes as it is releasing its own cashier, which is independent of Merge somewhere in mid-November.

Merge money traders

Players often buy Merge Gaming chips from players in the United States at a discounted rate and then cash these chips out to their e-Wallet account, which is international. Before the announcement, there was about 15 percent juice, which has now risen to 25 percent as some players in the United States have panicked.

U.S players that are making these trades consider it better to undergo a loss rather than wait for a check. This occurrence is probably linked to Carbon Poker’s launch of Carbon Sports, which is the biggest Merge Gaming skin.

Carbon Poker will soon stop using Merge Gaming’s cashier and begin using a cashier that is managed by other Merge Gaming skins. Speculation surrounds the loss of this liquidity as a possible consequence of the stop of transfers between players.

Curbing of staking concerns and fraud on Merge Gaming’s skins

Transfers demand research by the security department of the network. There are several fraudulent transfers that take place even though there is a lot of investigation that goes on by the security department. The transfers are probably unwanted mainly because of the hassle they cause.

A large amount of resources are spent on transfer investigation and a lot of these resources are lost on scammers that are successful in their fraudulent activities.

While the changes may keep fraudulent transfers at bay, legitimate players will also face some issues. Several players on the network are staked, which means they are being loaned money to get started or to be in action. A staked player cannot play if he or she cannot receive or repay their staker. Players that are presently staked will probably have to transfer their bankroll back to their staker before the 1st of November. If this date is crossed there will be no way to return the money.

Many U.S players are not able to deposit money. Currently these players trade with others on the network to replenish their consumed bankroll or even to get started. Trades are also made to get winnings off the network. All these transactions will no longer be possible.

Carbon Poker is not the first room that has altered its transfer policy. Lock Poker, which was formerly a Merge Gaming Network skin lowered their transfer limit to just $500 per week and $250 per day. Lock Poker is now on Revolution’s Gaming Network. Certain privileged players have even been able to raise their transfer limits to up to $1000 per week.

Two members of Winning Poker Network, True Poker and Americas Cardroom also brought down their transfer limits to just $500 per week and $250 per day. Bovada is a big player in the poker market of the United States, although they have never let players transfer among one another.

Statement by Merge Gaming

Merge Gaming released a statement that the decision was made after a lot of consideration. Several factors were taken into account and the network is sure the changes will be beneficial for players, partners and Merge Gaming itself. The network has refused to comment about whether the decision is permanent or not. PDC Poker and Aced are other skins that will be shifting to different cashiers.

Other changes by Merge Gaming

Merge Gaming cut down its rake in fixed limited games to a maximum of 50 percent. Most games that are low to mid-stake will be raked less than they were before. The new rake table came into effect recently and has been reworked completely after a lengthy consultation with affiliates, skins and players.

The new system has adopted a ‘true percentage rake structure’, as compared to a stepped rake structure, which was introduced by PokerStars in the beginning of 2012. The structures are now directly comparable, and merge has a fixed limit rake table that is similar to the one PokerStars has. The lowest rake structure is housed by PokerStars.

The poker community has largely welcomed the changes, which will make the rake trap a little easier in low-stake games, which made these games almost unbeatable in the past. Hope is also rising that lesser played games like Omaha8 and Razz will now witness a boom. The main skins of Merge Gaming are extremely pleased with all the new changes.