Treasure Island and 888 Holdings to Apply for Internet Poker License in Nevada

March 11, 2013

Since the US DoJ amended its Wire Act and declared online real money gambling legal at the end of 2011, the state of Nevada were one of the first US states to set up a Gaming Commission and accept poker operator license applications. As a result, even in the absence of an online poker bill, the gaming commission in the state approved over 15 poker operator licenses, some of whom were renowned such as International Game Technology (IGT), Bally Technologies and MGM Resorts International.

Last week, Gov. Brian Sandoval signed the internet gambling bill into existence. Two gaming companies, which will be the first since online poker was legalized in the state, which may find themselves with poker licenses are Treasure Island, a casino based in Las Vegas, and 888 Holdings, a top poker operator in Europe.

Nevada Gaming Commission Accepts License Applications from Foreign Operators

888 Holdings, although an acclaimed online poker operator, is a gaming company based in Europe and until now, it was unclear whether it would apply for a poker operator license in Nevada. However, the gaming commission in Nevada has agreed to accept license applications from foreign operators.

If 888 plc is approved of a license, it will mean that players in the state will be allowed to experience a poker network like no other with lucrative promotions and exceptional tournaments. One of the reasons why the NGC was looking forward to 888 is that the company steadfastly adhered to the US law in 2006 which prohibited gaming companies to accept real money wagers form US players.

This is also one of the top reasons why PokerStars, the leading online poker operator in the world will be unable to provide its premium services to the residents of Nevada for the next five years. In fact, Caesars Entertainment had tried to forge a deal with PokerStars which included the acquisition of one of its land-based casinos. However, due to the legal conditions, PokerStars had to decline Caesar’s offer.

According to sources, the board of NGC members was thrilled that the company was one that believed in confining its activities to within the legal demands of its host country. This is one of the stringent conditions that gaming companies have to adhere to according to the interactive gambling law approved by the Nevada governor.

Nevada Gaming Commission Thrilled with 888 Holding’s Preliminary Hearing

It is a rare scenario when all of the NGC members unanimously agree to provide preliminary sanction to a gaming company. This is exactly what transpired after the hearing of 888 Holdings. Sources say that the management executives were subjected to hours of questioning by NGC members.

Among the various queries were those that specifically dealt with player protection. As is obvious, after the scandalous events of Black Friday, the gaming commission is adamant on player protection being the primary responsibility of the potential poker operators in Nevada. In lieu of this, the board has also created a stringent set of regulations that have to be adhered to by poker operators who receive a license.

Officials at 888 Holdings were asked to explain in detail how they intend to maintain players’ personal and financial security. In a comprehensive presentation, 888 Holdings explained about its exclusive software that could determine the precise location of players and whether they were accessing their accounts form within the borders of the state.

In addition, the software could verify whether the players in question were of legal age or not and if they participate in collusion. Problem gambling is also a top concern for the gaming commission and inquired how 888 Holdings intended to tackle the issue. According to 888 officials, the site will be equipped with software that can determine whether players are indulging in real money gambling for long periods of time.

This will help the site to identify problem gamblers and take necessary steps. After the arduous hearing, the NGC chairman and members declared that they were thrilled with the presentation and would notify their decision within a few days. This is merely considered a formality as 888 Holdings have much to offer to Nevada residents.

888 Holdings Aims to Forge Business Partnerships with Caesars, WMS and Treasure Island

In a state as small as Nevada, it is important to strike up good partnerships with a number of gaming companies so as to enjoy lucrative returns. This is precisely the game plan of 888 Holdings as it proposes to enter into partnerships with a number of gaming companies such as WMS, Treasure Island and Caesars.

The World Series of Poker is a celebrated event in the online gambling industry and 888 Holdings proposes to replicate a similar event for a poker site. This will be done primarily for Caesars Entertainment. 888 Holdings will use the experience and technology of these companies to improve their poker network in European countries.

Online Real Money Poker to Forge Ahead in Nevada – NGC Chairman

For a while, it seemed as if the internet poker bill would never see the light of day due to strong opposition and political differences. This was after the NGC approved over a dozen licenses to well-known gaming companies. At that time, it was said that the licenses would amount to nothing if the legislation is dismissed.

As expected, the chairman of the NGC, A.G. Burnett was extremely disappointed a she foresaw Nevada being the gold standard in internet gambling. However, with the recent events, Burnett believes that Nevada will showcase to the world that it is not only the land-based casino capital of the world, but can also successfully offer premium internet poker services as well.