Victor Chandler’s €8,000 Endurance Challenge in February

February 17, 2012

Do you have what it takes to stay put at the poker table? Then you may be up to Victor Chandler’s Endurance Challenge this February. The online poker room is hosting an endurance race where players can compete for their share of €8,000. The challenge begins at 00:00 CET on February 21 and will end at 23:59:59 CET on February 29, 2012. Victor Chandler Poker has hosted two such endurance races in the past, when a number of poker players made some good money. And you too can win some this time.

How to earn your share

The €8,000 prize pool of the Endurance Challenge would be divided amongst players who earn at least 220 VIP Points everyday, between February 21 and 29. The amount would be divided in equal portions, depending on the number of players who qualify. So if you are good at playing poker, all you need to do is play as many tournaments and cash games as possible to earn the required VIP Points for the day. The list of players who are eligible for a share of the prize pool will be available on the Victor Chandler Poker site.

How are VIP Points awarded

VIP points are awarded for the amount of rake you spend on the online poker site. According to the Victor Chandler rake system, players are awarded one VIP Point for every €0.50 they spend on the rake. Partial VIP Points are also awarded when your contribution to the rake is less than €0.50. You can also earn VIP Points for the amount you spend towards tournament fees.

Victor Chandler MaxStack for $10,000

In addition to the Endurance Challenge, Victor Chandler is also holding its second freeroll of the $10,000 MaxStack this February. The qualification period of the $5,000 freeroll had begun on January 30 and will end on February 23, 2012. The freeroll tournament will take place on February 26. The MaxStack promo is exclusively offered to PokerNews customers. To be eligible for the freeroll, a player has to earn at least 10 VIP points during the qualification period.

But there is a reason why you should earn more than just 10 VIP Points during the qualification period. In fact, you should try to earn as many VIP Points as you can during the qualification period, as the points you have will determine the size of your starting stack in the freeroll. The higher your VIP Points, the bigger your starting stack would be for the Freeroll. The minimum starting stack for the event is 1,000, which you can earn with 10 VIP Points. The maximum stack, however, can go as high as 30,000, which you can earn with 300 VIP Points.

Obviously, the bigger your stack size, the longer you will remain at the table. This means, your chances of beating your opponents at the table will also be better when you start with a bigger stack.

If you are not yet a member of Victor Chandler Poker, register with them today and you could also get a 200% deposit bonus of upto €1,000 for signing up.