WSOP Express and More on BetVictor Poker

May 23, 2012

BetVictor’s WSOP Express has come back to give away some more free passes to the World Series of Poker events for its VIP players. If you are a member on this poker site and don’t want to miss the World Series of Poker experience, then this is your chance. All you have to do is become a VIP member and earn points to participate in the qualifier events. In addition to this, BetVictor poker also has several other promotions running for its VIPs. Here is a look at what you can get by becoming one of the loyal members on BetVictor.

WSOP Express

Every evening for two weeks, between May 21 and 26, and May 28 and June 2, BetVictor poker room will be hosting two WSOP qualifier events exclusively for its VIP members. The tournaments will start at 6:30 pm and 8:30 pm CST on all days. The qualifiers are open to all VIP members of the site, who earn at least 1 VIP point during the qualification period. This buy-in, or 1 VIP point, must be earned by the players within the three days, or 72 hours to be precise, before the tournament begins.

Earning 1 VIP point to participate in these events may seem very easy. While BetVictor has been very generous in terms of buy-in for the qualifiers, it has capped the maximum number of players for the event to 500. This means you not only have to earn that one VIP point, but be among the top 500 players to do so.

WSOP packages worth $7,500

BetVictor poker is hosting a total of 12 qualifier tournaments but is giving away just 2 more WSOP packages. Well, you guessed it right. The competition for the packages is going to be tough and participating is just not enough. You have to win the tournament to be among the top 20 players during the promo. The winners will be participating in the WSOP Express Final on Sundays following the 6 tournaments. Winners of the two finals will each get a WSOP package worth $7,500. This includes

 $1,500 buy-in for the WSOP Event # 56, which takes place between July 2 and 4, 2012.
 Accommodation for a week at Palazzo Hotel’s luxury suite
 $1,750 in cash for travel and other expenses

Other VIP promos at BetVictor

BetVictor poker has several other promos and tournaments for its VIP members. One of them is the Two Five Special, where VIP members who earn at least 100 VIP points in a month will get to participate in the exclusive €2,500 Freeroll Tournament that takes place once a month. For players who are unable to earn the required points, BetVictor hosts special feeder events on a daily basis. The winners of this event are guaranteed seats to the Freeroll. To participate in this, you should earn 1 VIP point in the 24 hour period before the feeder event begins. Besides these, BetVictor also has a superb VIP bonus program, where the points you can earn can be redeemed for cash.