Tournament Name – This is the name that will be displayed in the partypoker lobby to locate your game.

Tournament Password – A unique password that will be given to just you and your players to avoid unwanted players entering your game, each player will need to enter the password in order to register for the game.

Enable Real Names – You have the option to display a players real name during your game instead of their username. Real names will help other players identify each other making it more fun for everyone involved.

Tournament Speed – You have 3 options, hyper, Turbo or regular. The quicker the levels increase the quicker the game will take to complete.

Starting Stack – Start the game with either 50,100 or 200 big blinds. As with the tournament speed the less starting chips you start with the quicker the game will take to complete.

Buy in – The amount each player will need to stake in order to play in your game. Please note a 10% registration fee is added for all games. For example in your buy in is £10, each player will pay £10 plus a £1 registration fee with the £10 is added to the total prizepool.

Rebuys – You can decide if you want to allow players to buy back into the game if they are knocked out, rebuys will cost the same amount as the original  buy in. All rebuys are then added to the total prizepool.

Date/time of first game – The date and time you want your first game to commence, please note when completing the registration form that you will need to give a minimum of 5 days notice for each game.

Repeat – Choose if you want your game to become a regular game or play just once. Any repeat games will be subject to constant review via email. If games aren’t running due to lack of runners then they will be removed from the poker lobby.

Tournament Format:

Multi Table Tournament – A ‘Multi Table Tournament’ or a MTT is where multiple players play down to an eventual winner. Each players starts with the same amount of chips and the blinds will gradually increase with the winner ending up with all the other players chips.  Prizes are calculated based on the number of runners with 1st place finishing with the most and decreasing on a sliding scale.

Progressive Bounty Tournament – A ‘Progressive Bounty Tournament’ or PKO is fairly new type of poker tournament which has become very popular online in recent years. The format is the same as a MTT with the difference being instead of 100% of the buy-in going to the prizepool, half  of your buy-in will go into the prizepool, while the other half with be added as a bounty on each players head. For example if a tournament costs £10 to enter, £5 will go to the general prize pool, while £5 will go to each player’s initial bounty. If you knock a player out of a tournament, you would keep £2.50 of the bounty, while the other £2.50 would go towards your own bounty that is on your head. The more people you knock out the more money you will earn, as the game progresses the remaining players bounties will keep increasing, so you will not only be competing for the general prizepool but also players increasing bounties.

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